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  • Installation of pool heat pump.

    Let's say I buy a heat pump from you. Who do I call to install it? A pool guy or electrician? About how much is reasonable to be charged? Do you...

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    Started by Sandi

  • Non Operating Periods

    I live in Florida with two Rome TI150 pool heaters. The temperature is such that the pool heaters do not need to operate for about 3 or 4 months...

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    Started by Steve Smith

  • Heat pump placement

    I am awaiting the delivery of my new heat pump (Thank you for the great service so far Marc!). My question is what is the best placement of the pump...

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    Started by Jason Oliver

  • In need of heat pump service in IL

    Hi, do you know of someone who will certify a heat pump pool heater in Illinois? I live a couple of miles southwest of Chicago (Orland Park) and...

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    Started by Dan

  • Heatpump don't stop running

    Hello Markus, I have a problem with my heat pump,when I stop the swimming pool pump the stay on running The don't stop so cant you help me...

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    Started by karel

  • Endless Pool

    Hi: I own an Endless Pool that is installed in my basement. I currently have a SPAPAK heater for it. It is a 5.5KW system. I'm thinking of...

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    Started by Jim Nelson

  • using house heat pump for pool

    I live in SC and I have a two heat pumps to heat/cool my house. I also have a pool with no heater. My question is a unique one in that could I...

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    Started by jim

  • Water Under Heat Pump

    I just installed a new to me Rheem 5100 series heat pump. It's been running for about 2 hours and water is starting to puddle from under the unit. Do...

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    Started by mnewmanfla

  • Pool Heat pump installation inside a garage

    Hello, I have a sort of strange but interesting dilema. I live in a suburb just out side of Toronto Canada and we have a 16x34' oval inground...

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    Started by Stuart Pearson

  • Choice of Heat Pump

    I spoke to Kevin on the phone today. He was great and educated me on Heat Pumps for our Swimming pool in Indiana. My pool installer mentioned the...

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    Started by Jim Milborn

  • the 6th pump valve&pipeline exposition of Wenzhou China

    Venue ? Wenzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, China Time ? Oct.23-25, 2009 Booth Number ? 320 ...

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    Started by jinyingAD.Co.,Ltd

  • Heat pump fan noise

    My neighbor has a pool heat pump right up against my fence. The fan makes so much noise I can't enjoy my backyard. Are there some kind of noise...

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    Started by Susan

  • pump speed w/Heat Siphon SX5

    Question: I have a two speed 1.25 SF Whisper Quiet Pentair pool pump. Can I run the heat pump while the pool pump is on low or does the pool pump...

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    Started by Beth

  • heat siphonSX5 model

    From what I have read about the installation, the plumbing from the pump(water from the pool) but before the in-line chlorinating should be at the...

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    Started by Beth

  • external thermostat controlling runtime

    Hi, new to the forum. I have a weekend house with a pool in upstate new york. We just installed a new jandy 3000 heat pump and it works great. the...

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    Started by George Allen

  • heat pump

    hi marcus. i live in south florida and i am thinking about buying a heat pump for my pool. its a 30x16 freeform pool with 1 sheer and 2 lion heads it...

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    Started by joe d

  • Heat pump runs for 5 seconds then shuts down

    I have a Heat Siphon heat pump that I purchased from you 3 years ago. The heat pump will start, run for about 5-10 seconds and then shut down. It...

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    Started by Tim

  • LP light on heat pump

    I have a LP light on my EUS Hart heat pump. What should I do? Is there a someone in KY that can help?

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    Started by John

  • Can't Get Heat Pump to Temperature to 86 Degrees

    Hello from Germany, I need nearly 60 kw per day for heating the water form 76 to 80 degree, Pool size nearly 60000 Liter - Size 9,16 x 4,60 x...

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    Started by Dr.Khalil

  • Pool heat pump - water in the coil

    Hi, I recently had my heat pump serviced. The technician said it was low on freon. He searched for a leak using a detector, but couldn't find it. He...

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    Started by Walt

  • AE2500T - just started, no heat

    My second year with the pump, first year starting it this early in the season. I am in PA, temp is getting to 70 degrees day, drops to 50 at night. I...

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    Started by fred werner

  • Gulf Stream GS 1000

    I turned the heater on and it reads "High water temperature" on the heater screen. Could this have anything to do with the temperature...

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    Started by York Lynch

  • pool heater leak

    Hello, thanks for the forum. Hope someone can advise. I have a swimtemp plus pool and spa heater and it is leaking. About a month ago I bought some...

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    Started by Rick

  • Winterizing Heat Siphon SX 3.25

    Disconnected my Heat Siphon from my pool pump. Instructions say to be sure there's no water left in the heat exchanger I should pour anti-freeze in...

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    Started by Randy

  • AT600 "HP" indicator is on

    I have a five year old Aquatherm AT600 pool heat pump that is not operating normally. The "HP" light is coming on and the only way to turn...

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    Started by Raymond Intreglia