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I've recently installed a new pool and heat/cool pump (Rheem 6100hc).  The unit was installed with a bypass valve to allow me to control the water flow rate through the heat/cool pump.  While I expect a slower heating rate (compared to gas), I wondered if there is an optimum flow rate through a heat/cool pump (e.g. 1gal/min)?  If so does that vary by pool size?
Marcus Miller
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Thank you for writing. I am not a big fan of a field installed bypass if your water pump is 2 HP or less. They are designed for full flow. They want 100% of your water going through the heat pump. The Rheem has an internal bypass from the factory to handle that. They want to see 40 to 80 GPM as the optimum flow. The pool size really only is important in regards to that fact that you want to pump all the water in the pool once a day for filtration purposes. I hope that helps.
Marcus Miller
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