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fred werner
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My second year with the pump, first year starting it this early in the season. I am in PA, temp is getting to 70 degrees day, drops to 50 at night. I just fired up the unit, 55 degrees oout, came out an hour later to check on it, no heat coming out of the outlet.

Is this normal? Should heat come out of the outlet at start up?
Marcus Miller
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Dear Fred,
Thank you for writing. It is almost impossible to feel the heat most of the time coming out of the return to the pool. Many times it is only a degree or 2 depending on the flow from the water pump. The best way to tell if a heat pump is working is to measure the air temperature coming out the fan grill. It should be 5 to 10 degrees colder than the outside air temperature.
Marc Miller
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Hey Marcus,  Since the air coming out of the pump is 5-10 degrees cooler than the ambient temp, isn't it theoretically possible to redirect that air inside a house to augment the regular HVAC system?
Marcus Miller
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Dear Rick:
Thank you for writing to me. You bring up a great point. Yes  I have some people who do that. The problem though is that when you need heat in the pool the most like in the early spring and fall you need cooling in the house the least. So it works a bit backwards sometimes. Also it is sometimes hard to regulate unless you have a damper that will dump the cold air outside if it is too cold in the house and the manufacturers are not thrilled with long duct runs. I also hate to waste all that cooling. It common in the summer to see all the pool guys leaning over the heaters trying to cool off. So I would not go in that direction. Once my friend converted a heat pump to heat and cool the house and heat and cool the pool. It was the most complex thing that I ever saw and only he could work on it. There was also a manufacturer in the late 90's and early 2000's that went one step farther and had it heat the domestic hot water. Incredible technology but they went out of business in 02. On my friends job the homeowner abandoned the house a couple of years later, so all that work was a waste. I would just keep things simple these days.
Sometimes we put them in huge building that are very humid and use the heat pump to heat the pool and dehumidify the building. I hope that helps.
Marc Miller
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