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Hello, I turned on my AquaCal AT12000 recently and received a "dPc" error code. The front panel said the code meant "suction probe circuit is shorted", the manual states that the code means "thermostat probe (suction) is short circuited". Anyone have any ideas on how to correct this? Thanks.
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Hi Frank,

I was searching for info on error error code dPc for an Aquacal Aerotemp Heater and found your post. We just opened our pool today and that code displayed.  Our heater is the same model as yours, AT12000, and was installed in 2002. In 2003 we had a bad defrost sensor and it was replaced at no charge (probably under warranty).  I was figuring we need another sensor but I saw on another sight you just had to replace the wires which were shorting out.

How did you do this?  Are you handy? My husband is not [biggrin] so is this something I should get an electrician to do?  I was hoping to avoid our pool company because they will charge an arm and a leg but they may not be any cheaper than the pool company...

Any advice would be appreciated!


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