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Raymond Intreglia
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I have a five year old Aquatherm AT600 pool heat pump that is not operating normally. The "HP" light is coming on and the only way to turn it off is to power off the unit and then back on. The unit will then  heat the pool normally. I don't think this problem is happening while the pool is running and the unit is reheating as required, I think it only happens when the pool shuts down for the evening and when it starts up again in the morning, is when the "HP" indicator comes on and the heat pump does not turn on. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Marcus Miller
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Dear Raymond:
It sounds like the water pressure switch isn't working right and then when the water pump shuts off the heater keeps running causing the freon pressure to get too high. You need a service guy to take a look. I don't have many heaters of that brand out in the field. It might be a digital board or other issues. 
Marcus Miller
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