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Sean Winters
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Good day.  When I installed my pool three years ago I  only ran a three wire 120V circuit, about 60 feet of which is buried. The wife now wants the pool heated  so I think a heat pump is the best way to go.    I am planning on getting about a 50000 btu unit ( 18 foot above ground with solar blanket). My pump and clorinator are 120v, no 220 option.  To avoid running a new cable I was planning on changing the circuit to 220 and getting a 3000W step down transformer ( about 100$) for the pump and clorinator  put it in a enclosure and run the heat pump, clorinator and pump off  one 220  outlet.

Any issue with this or should I just bite the bullet and run a second dedicated 220 feed ?   Another option would be a spa panel with two breakers but I would still need the transformer since I don't have a 4 wire circuit.

Marc Miller
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Dear Mr. Winters:
Thank you for writing  to us. You need a good electrician to look it over. All heat pumps are 208 / 240 volts, single phase 60 hertz in the USA that are used on residential homes. Some commercial installations use 3 phase and higher voltages. I am not a big step down transformer fan. I would rather see a dedicated 208 / 240 line for your heat pump. They run 3 wires. 2 hot wires and a ground. And then they run another bonding wire to the equipment. Maybe it won't be so hard for the electrician to run a bigger wire if your old wire is in a conduit underground. Then they just attach the new wire to the old wire and when they pull the old wire out it pulls the new wire in. A fast job if the conduit is big enough. Then you get a breaker panel and you can have your 110 volt equipment and your 220 volt heat pump. Maybe your wire is not run in a conduit? That will be harder and somebody will have to dig I guess. Some Chlorinators and pumps can use 220 volts. They will say on them if this is possible. On the smaller HP pumps that come with 18 foot pools though I doubt that it can be done though. Whatever you have to do make sure a licensed electriction does it as that is what all the manufacturers want to see and they can void a heat pump warranty if they find out other wise. Also get 2 or 3 quotes. Lately I have seen the exact same job be quoted at $225.00 and $1850.00. Some electricians seem to be more proud of their work than others I think.      
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There should be 4 wires going to your service panel. 3 wires is for 120v or service entrance 240v. anything after the main panel that is 240 must be 4 wire. The nuetral and ground are seperate.
Pull a new wire in, that is sized correctly for the load. If you rewire your pump to 240v, it will run more effiiciently.
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I was wondering, do you need to use your pool blanket if you use a liquid pool blanket?

Ezrio Passetti
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Yes I agree that Pool Heating Systems like three wire 120V circuit which contain three wire and all wires are efficient. I also suggest u to use the XV20i variable speed heat pump system can both heat and cool your home efficiently, while simultaneously creating a clean and comfortable environment in your home.

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