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Wendy T
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I live in FL (Tampa Bay area) and are unsure what model and how large a heat pump we need to heat our 10,000 concrete inground pool with spa spillover.  The pool is screened in but otherwise receives sun a good part of the day.   We had a gas heater which we used to heat our spa but now we are looking to be able to swim year round.  What can we expect as far as heating our spa?  Can we use our existing Comp Pool remote control?
I appreciate your advice!
Wendy T

Marcus Miller
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Dear Wendy T:
Thank you for writing  to me. We send lots of heater to your area. Gas heaters are too expensive to heat the pool. I don't even like them much for the spa as they can be hurt by chemicals very easily. Now a gas heater on a spa in a cold weather state is OK but since you are in Florida we like heat pumps. I will write you a personal letter to tell you about my favorites for your area and for your size pool later today.


Marcus Miller
1 800 741 9956
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