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Great site, very helpful. I recently installed a Hayward 2100TCO heat pump for our pool in Connecticut (replaced an older propane heater) and it will not get the water as warm as I'd like. The pool is about 15x30, the weather here has been in 80s in the day and mid-60s at night. I've set the heater at 86 and it's never gotten there (no cover). I use the override feature and it just runs all the time and still can't really get above 83. Does this sound right?


Marc Miller
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Dear Michael:
Thank you for writing to me. I hope that you and your family are well.   You might want to consider using a blanket on your pool.  You will save between 50-70% on your energy bill as well as.  If there is too much wind, it might be too much for the pool heater to handle.  Also, the pool heater might not be operating correctly.  The air coming out of the top of the heater should be 5-10 degrees colder than the outside air temperature.  If it is not, you might want to call Hayward for service.  Their number is 800-432- 8387.  I hope that helps.

Marc Miller
360 588 6967
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