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we bought a heat pump for our pool a few days ago.
i wanted to clean out the basket of  the pool filter so i turned of the heat pump and then the pool filter.
after i cleaned it out, i turned the filter back on and then i pushed the on button of the heat pump, it sais "on" on the screen, but the fan of the heat pump isen't spinning nor does the compressor start, on the screen there is a power symbol that is supposed to have a ring around it when the compressor is on, but the ring isen't there either
what do i do?
please help me before my parents kill me


Marcus Miller
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Dear Jeff:
 If your parents have not killed you yet after all that you did as a kid I think you are safe. What brand of heater do you have? Please let me know.
Marcus Miller
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Mike S
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I have a Hayward HeatPro HP 1100 that I purchased like 4 years ago.  Ran it for 1 season and took it with me when I moved.  Finally got it reinstalled on my new pool yesterday and it does not turn on.  Anyone know what I should look for?  Has Power, Has water flowing through it etc.  Just not spinning up.  It is not a digital model.  If there is a problem, do I go through the pool guy or a HVAC company?

Marc Miller
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Thank you for writing. The most common reasons that a heat pump won't turn on is that there is a water flow problem. Maybe a water valve had failed in the closed position or maybe the valve is just in the wrong position. That is when people put a bypass around the heater. I am not a big fan of bypasses. Sometimes you need to adjust the water flow switch. Call the factory before attempting that. These heaters can't be repaired by pool guys. You need a heating and cooling company to look at them as they are just big air conditioners. We are here if you need your service guy to call us and ask a question. Most of the factories are very responsive too.
Marcus Miller
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