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Dear Marcus, an old Air Energy heat pump that came with the home we just purchased so I do not know any maintenance history. The fan operates but it does not sound like the compresser turns on. The pool did not get any warmer after 4 days of running the pump. I had a technician look at the pump and he said he was not familar with the old Air Energy pumps but he did state he thought the compresser is bad.  Last thing is every 4-5 minutes while the pump operates I hear a short squeal from inside the pump.  Do you have any suggustions for me??  Thanks Jeff

Marc Miller
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Hi Jeff:
Thanks for writing. Some mechanics make me crazy. You don't "think" a compressor is bad. If you are a mechanic you know if it is bad. The brand doesn't matter to an A/C guy looking to repair it. Refrigeration systems are all basically the same and a good tech will know if a compressor is bad even if it was made on Mars. Just staying in a Holiday Inn Express last night, or playing one on TV, doesn't make you an A/C / Refrigeration guy. (or Gal) Air Energy was a great brand. I have seen some last over 20 years. (some not) If you hear a sound every 4 or 5 minutes it sounds like the compressor time delay is kicking in and trying to start the unit. So that usually means that it is low on freon and the low freon pressure switch is cycling the compressor or there is a restriction in the freon and the high pressure switch is cutting the heater off. Hard to say without trouble shooting in person without my freon gauges and amp meters. Squeals are not good. Might be a bad compressor, might be a fan that needs oil. Whatever it is you are looking at a few hundred dollars from a good technician. Your guy should have checked to see if there was freon in the heater. If the chemistry was bad in the water it might have hurt the heat exchanger and maybe the compressor and it would not pay to put either of those parts in an old heater as then you will be over $1000.00. I need to know more symptoms. If you are going to live in the house for more than a year or two I would look for a new heater with a long warranty so you don't have to think about this for a while. I guess you are in Florida from your e-mail address. There are some brands in FL that have up to 5 years labor, 7 years parts and lifetime heat exchanger warranties. Better hurry on that as manufactures seem to be cutting warranties lately. Let me know what direction you want to go in and I will try to help.
Best Regards,
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Hi Marcus,

Thank you for your reply.  I do live in Fort Lauderdale and plan on staying in the home for at least the next ten years.  It sounds like it might be worth just buying a new unit.  Does it make sense to buy a unit from you or should I go local?  If I decide to get a new unit which it looks pretty good that I will want it installed the first of the year.  My pool is 40 x 14 and 9 feet deep at the deep end. We live on a canal and we get a good breeze as we are about a half mile from the ocean.  Any suggustions on they type and size of the unit I should buy?

Thanks Again,
Marc Miller
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Dear Mr. Bruskin:
Thank you for writing back to me. I hope that you and your family are well. I think you should get it from me of course because we have great relationships with the major manufacturers and get you the best prices and also if you ever have any issues when we call them they move quickly where if other dealers call them they don't even know who they are. We also have negotiated some special benefits with them for our customers only that I am sure you will appreciate. you will want a heater with a long warranty and also one that holds up to salt well. We will be in touch.
Marcus Miller 
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