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I have a Heat Siphon heat pump that I purchased from you 3 years ago.  The heat pump will start, run for about 5-10 seconds and then shut down.  It has great flow through the heat pump (measured at the outflow of the pool). 
Any ideas?
Marcus Miller
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Dear Tim:
It is good to hear back from you. I am sorry that you are having a service issue. Most of the time those symptoms are caused by a dirty pool filter or a valve in the wrong position causing not enough flow to go through the heater. Since you say that you have the flow it might be the flow switch that needs adjusted or if it is very cold out you might see that. If that isn't the problem then it might be a freon issue. I suggest calling the factory at 800 447 9667 and talking to a technician and they will walk you through all the possibilities. Then if they can't trouble shoot it on the phone you will need to get a heating and air conditioning contractor to look at it. I have very few service issues with that brand so I am sure it is something simple. Please keep me advised as to what you found so I am in the loop and any issues.

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Mr. Miller,
Thanks for the reply.  I downloaded a service manual from Heat Siphon.  Since all the controls are wired in series I jumped each one until the unit kept running.  It was the low pressure switch that was causing the problem.  I am contacting a heating and air contractor to check for a freon leak.

Tim Cowman
Marc Miller
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Dear Tim:
That would mean it is either a bad switch, low on freon or that it was too cold outside and the heater froze up. Let me know what the contractor says as I rarely have any freon issues with that brand and I like to keep current with any service problems. Please only have licensed people servicing the heater.
360 348 2522
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