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Hi, do you know of someone who will certify a heat pump pool heater in Illinois?  I live a couple of miles southwest of Chicago (Orland Park) and have a heat pump that is leaking.  It is leaking where the refrigerant lines go into the condenser.  The PVC compression fittings need to be replaced.  I talked with the manufacturer and I purchased the replacement fittings, but I need someone to replace them.  The pool contractors won't touch it because it is more HVAC related, and the HVAC guys won't touch it because they only seem to want to do house units.

Does anyone know of a person around Chicago that can help?

Marcus Miller
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Dear Dan:
I am never impressed when whimpy A/C guys won't do anything outside of their comfort zone. When I did HVAC I would do what ever my customer asked me to do. Fix a heater or a garage door. Take a snake out of the pool or replace a light bulb that was way too high even for a 30 foot ladder. They were my customers and I tried to take care of them. There are many great stand up A/C and heating guys in the Chicago area. What brand of heat pump do you have? I will ask the manufacturer for someone that they like first so you don't have to go through any more hassle of finding the right guy.
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Hi Marcus,

Thanks for the response.  I have a Focus Temp 85.  I believe the brand was purchased by Waterco a couple of years back.

Marcus Miller
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Dear Dan,
We contacted the factory for you yesterday and they called us back today offering these service stations near your area:
Acorn Mechanical (815) 344 4446
Glenn Refrigeration (630) 427 9139
If you need more help from the factory you can call Waterco customer service at 1 888 796 6002. They were very friendly when we called them.
I hope this information will help you and if you ever need anything else please let us know.
1 800 741 9956
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