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Hello Marcus,

We started up our Jandy AE2500 this morning at 10:00 am, the water temp was initially 76 degrees, the air temp was about the same.  The water initially went up 3 degrees in the first 6 hours but now 14 hours later the temp dropped back down to 77 degrees.  Is this normal?  We have the temp set for 92 degrees, how long will it take to raise the water temp?

Marcus Miller
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Dear Debbie:
Thank you for writing back to me. I hope that you and your family are well. 1/2 a degree an hour sounds good. It all depends on the pool size, wind etc. If the heater was running for 14 hours and the temperature in the water was falling then something sounds funny. I forwarded your name to my go to guy in warranty service so that he can give you a call. I find it is usually a small problem like water flow or a dirty filter etc. Jandy will make you happy. Please let me know what it was as I don't have very many service issues with that brand. Or please advise me if you need me to follow up.

Marcus Miller, President
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