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Has the Nirvana heat pump been very reliable? Have you had many complaints on these units (such as the Nirvana M30 or M35). 

Marc Miller
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Dear Debbie:
Thank you for writing to us. You ask great questions. I love when my customers do their homework and then ask us to help with the tough questions. Nirvana is a Canadian brand that includes the model M35 and M40. We have a test unit in Eastern Washington and a few others scattered about. So far we have not had any service calls but we don't really have enough out there, or out there long enough to say if the company responds quickly to any issues or the long term reliability of that brand. So at this time I can't tell you what you need to know to make an educated choice on them. We are still watching them because we want our customers to have the most reliable heaters that give the best performance.  I have a couple of Rheems' left that are 23" wide, the Heat Siphon is 32" wide Rome and Solarium is about 32" also, Jandy is about 33" wide and the Hayward is 31.5" in diameter to name a few. This was written 9/09 so if this is important to people reading in the future call to verify sizes before you get your hopes up. Some heat pumps are designed for hostile environments like salt exposure. If that interests you please call the office for more information on our favorites for beach or Island applications.
Marcus Miller
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Originally Posted by Debbie

Has the Nirvana heat pump been very reliable? Have you had many complaints on these units (such as the Nirvana M30 or M35). 

Mine wasn't.  I installed a Nirvana E95 95,000 BTU heat pump at the end of the 2012 swim season.  The refrigerant leaked out over the winter and the unit wouldn't start in the spring.  The Nirvana rep told me to hire my own HVAC tech since they didn't have anyone in the area.  The tech I hired confirmed the refrigerant leak and contacted Nirvana to ask how they wanted him to proceed with the warranty repair.  Nirvana would not authorize any repairs nor respond to multiple calls from me or the repair tech.  So I had an eight month old heat pump that never warmed a drop of water and the manufacturer ignored my requests for help and refused to pay for the service call.

By the way, I replaced the Nirvana with a Gulfstream unit from PoolHeatPumps.com and Asa was great to work with.

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