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Steve Smith
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I live in Florida with two Rome TI150 pool heaters.  The temperature is such that the pool heaters do not need to operate for about 3 or 4 months during the summer.  Two questions, should water flow be bypassed or continue through the heaters and should the electricity be turned off during this period of non-use?

Marcus Miller
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Dear Steve,
That you for writing. Each manufacturer has different feeling about this. Some feel that the circulation water keeps everything clean like sensors etc, and then you are ready to go next fall. Some don't like that the water is shut down as then the chorine can evaporate from the stagnant water inside the heater and chlorine gas I am told is much more corrosive then it in liquid form. Others feel that since you won't use it then the pressure drop that the heat exchanger causes might as well be removed and the power shut down. I would just give the factory a call as they are the ones that have to warranty it for many years and they should be the ones to give the OK. Personally I like to keep them in the system and then just turn the thermostat to the coldest setting so the heater doesn't come on. What do I know about pools though as it is still 47.4 degrees in late June where I live and swimming seems like something you only see on TV. 
Let me know if you need anymore help,
Marcus Miller
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