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Having problem with my OASIS C21 heatpump. Water flowing through it, the red power light on the chiller 300 controller is on, theres gas showing on the gauges. Any ideas? thanks

Marcus Miller
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Dear John:
Thank you for writing. I am not sure where you live or your weather but if it is below 55 degrees that might cause it to not run. It could be a bunch of things. Maybe there is not enough water? Dirty filter? Water valve in the wrong position. Maybe it looks open but internally it failed closed? Maybe you have a electrical issues. Thermostat? A good air conditioning and heating contractor can trouble shoot it. Some electricians can also trouble shoot pretty well. Even though you see gas on the gauges maybe it isn't enough? Please let us know what it turns out to be. I hate to hear about heat pumps not working when you need heat the most.
Marcus Miller
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