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I have a heat pump that I cannot find any info on. The label has worn down but it looks like it says "TRG Heat Pump" and the model is "Caliente 500". It works just fine.
But it is bubbling water out of the top of this nipple where (what looks to be) a thermocouple goes. It's left open on purpose obviously...Someone suggested I just plug it up with plummers putty which normally I would think is not right but it does seem that would fix the issue...
I've attached a picture.

Marcus Miller
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Dear Glenn:
Thank you for writing to me. That was a private label for a distributor in Florida. I think it was made by Air Energy. Not sure. Usually when water is leaking out of thermostat sensor wells it is because the PH had attacked the copper in the well. Please make sure the pool chemicals are OK. If the water is leaking out of a PVC well it might be a gasket or maybe it needs a thread compound. Chances are that it will get worse.
If you have any more questions please let me know.
Marc Miller
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Sorry to necro this thread, but I have the *exact same issue. I pulled the copper pipe out and it has a hole in it.
I'd like to replace the copper pipe by myself, but a 1/2 inch pipe with a cap doesn't fit. It looks like the person who replaced it last just crimped the bottom shut. 
How does one replace the copper pipe properly in this well?

Marc Miller
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Dear Brian:
Thank you for writing. The manufacturer of the heat pump made a copper well that fits there. If they don't have them anymore then you might have to get creative and go to a plumbing supply store to find any sort of well that you can fit into a 1.5" or 2" PVC T fitting and then glue that "T" into the water piping. There are even some PVC wells. I have even seen some A/C mechanics braze some silver rod onto the leaking well to keep it going for a few more years. Please understand that when a well gets a hole in it that it is a warning sign that the heat exchanger is the next to fail because the PH is off. That will have to be looked at or this will just be the beginning of this sort of water chemical damage.

Hope this helps,

Marc Miller
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