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John Arendes
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I have a Thermafol HP500 by Pentair. After 2 years it has started to leak at the heat exchanger copper connection becasue it has deteriorated to the point that the fitting connected to it no longer fit right.

I am told the reason for this that it was caused by a chemical in balance in the water. I test my water all the time and when there are an issues I fix it. Pentair will not cover this under warranty and when purchasing this product I was not a where this could happen.

Any thoughts as far as fighting this in court?
Marcus Miller
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Dear Mr. Arendes:
Thank you for writing to me. I hope that you and your family are well. When you have a copper nickel heat exchanger if you have a chemical imbalance or a PH variation it can attack the heat exchanger. I have seen them last 3 months. With that water I could feel it burning my cuticles on my fingers. I also have some that are still going strong after 24 years. If you get a heater with a titanium heat exchanger then nothing in a pool can hurt it. Water freezing in the winter will void a titanium one though. I would reach out to them again. Maybe ask for a supervisor. Maybe they will split the cost of the repair with you or try to make an accommodation. They are a respected company and I would think would want to help. Court is probably not the best option. It is better to work it out. They will probably prove that chemicals ate the metal. When anyone mentions lawyer when dealing with the big pool companies they just turn it over to their in house people and all help stops.
Marcus Miller
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I have a Pentair MasterTEmp 400...is it normal for the Heat Exchanger coil to have water draining out of its coil tubes?  The 400 has 6 tubes total cylindrical shaped 4 tubes do not drain any water but the other 2 does.  Do I need to replace my coil tubes?
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