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I live in alpine just outside San Diego in California. Will a heat pump give me sufficient energy to heat my pool from say march through October or would I be better off with a solar system.
Marcus Miller
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Dear Mr. Ranson:
Thank you for writing to me. I hope that you and your family are well. The response to this will take a few pages if I cover everything. I will send you a personal letter to go over everything in depth. The short answer is certainly. You live in one of the easiest areas of the world to heat a pool with a heat pump. Don't tell that to California pool guys who have been emotionally damaged by 75 years of cheap natural gas. It still amazes me that one of the most "green" states in the world has not embraced heat pumps as well as say Minnesota or Canada yet. If it wasn't for engineers in CA ordering heat pumps from my comapny I don't know what would become of us. They understand the facts and get only the most efficient technologies for their home. (The warranty and life expectancy with heat pumps is much better than gas heaters too.) Please look for a long letter from me later today.

Marcus Miller
1800 741 9956

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