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I just purchased a home near vero Beach, Florida.  The home has a 17,000 gal pool and we've decided we need a heater to use the pool during the winter months.  I am reluctant to start with a new one so we are looking at 2-3 year old used heat pumps.  We have found a model HP21002 Hayward HeatPro but have some questions.  I wonder if the 'armorcoil' exchanger is OK or whether I should keep looking until I find a unit with a titanium exchanger?  What are your feelings about Hayward and this particular model?  Our house is located on a lake so do you believe this BTU rating will be adequate?  Lastly, I understand the COP for this model is 4.8 and I have seen other brands with COP ratings of 6.0 or higher, does this mean I will have a much higher cost of operation?

Marcus Miller
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Dear Fred:
Thank you for writing to me. I hope that you and your family are well. I am not a big fan of used heaters. Once yo move them when they have been installed for a while bad thing seem to happen. I also like my customers to have heaters with long warranties. A heat pump is a fun thing to give you more enjoyment for your home and pool. I don't like my customers starting out with someone else's  problems and I like them to have a 800 number to call to get service from a manufacturer if there are any issues. That being said I like Hayward. They went to Titanium now but for year relied on the Armor coil.  Now they warranty the titanium heat exchangers (tube only) for 10 years after October 2008. I think heaters made before then had a 5 year warranty on the heat exchangers. I could be wrong though. After 2 years you pay for labor if you need service on them. That size heater should be fine for your size pool. Lake homes are tough on heaters in the winter in Florida as you have no wind break and the wind blowing off the lake just sucks the heat right out of the pool. You might have to use a blanket on the pool when it gets cold or very windy. Also that heater shuts down when it gets too cold out so if you want to swim when it colder than normal  then that than let me know.

Marcus Miller
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