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I have another question, I`ve recently found out that most refrigerant in the heat pumps is " R22". The environmental laws in Canada(are they the same in the U.S.?) are changing  2010, and the refrigerants will be "R 410",what happens with the Heat Pump then?                                                Thanks in advance

Marcus Miller
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Thank you for writing to me. I can have the heat pump made on the European "green" gas if you want for $150.00. It is less efficient. It is your choice. In 2010 new heaters can't be made with R22 anymore. They will still make gas to service the heaters for about  5 years.
Then recycled gas will be around for another 20 years as millions of A/C's are replaced all over the country. So that will give you 28 years or more. (Your heat pump should never need freon anyway unless a pipe breaks) In 28 years if you need freon 22 and it is all gone and your heater lasts that long. You can always convert it for $400.00 today's price by changing the freon valve and switching the oil in the compressor. I hope that helps and that I hear from you soon.

Marcus Miller
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