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  • Rheem pool heater shutting itself down

    Hello and happy swim season to all! I started up my heater yesterday and things seemed to be going well for a few hours however, once it got to 79*...

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    Started by ClausAndJackie

  • Insta 2001 focus temp

    Hey guys, Bought a house with a pool and I have this heater. Trying to set up my pool for the summer. I opened up this unit and I do not see any...

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    Started by Colton J Wilde

  • Aquacal vs Hayward

    Hello, I am having a full reno done on my pool and we are adding a heat pump. The pool is a 20x40 and we live in CT My choice is Aquacal or...

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    Started by Starscream84

  • Teledyne Laars Series 1 pilot generator

    I was at a house today working on his furnaces and he wanted me to check out his pool heater because his pilot light was out. It had a powerpile on...

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    Started by notverycreative

  • Pump Motor Overheating

    My pump motor is heating up and shutting down. It has a therma overload but after 4 hours should not be shutting down. Both filter baskets and motor...

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    Started by Anthonyallen

  • ECONET for Automatic Temperature Control

    Hi all, Basically Econet word is used as a low energy consumption network, but here Econet concept is based on intermittently and efficiently...

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    Started by nishasabnis

  • Heat Pipe Thermal Energy Exchanger

    Hi Everyone, Heat pipe is a very efficient way to transfer thermal energy from one end to another. It works on the principles of thermal...

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    Started by nishasabnis

  • Pool Heat Pump will not turn off or change temperature

    We recently moved into a new home with a Pentair UltraTemp Heat Pump. The last owner left the temperature set at 76 degrees and the pool temperature...

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    Started by evanvalk8

  • Indoor pool

    Am wondering if someone has installed a heat pump for an indoor pool that is used all year round, in conjunction with a gas heater. I live in...

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    Started by Ernest Shipley

  • Heat pump pentair pool heater not working

    I have a pentair heat pump pool heater that suddenly stopped heating. Unit runs, no warning codes, cool air out of the top, and flow seems good. ...

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    Started by Sean

  • Heat Pump Sizing and Operation Time

    Hello, I am doing some research regarding the heat capacity of a heat pump required for my 34 cubic meter 9000 gallon pool (34k liters). What is not...

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    Started by Lambros

  • the DB7's performance that

    Aston Martin DB7 Thus it has a refined dohc inline six enhanced by an Eaton supercharger. Acceleration is best described as rapid; the DB7 is too...

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    Started by wanqiu

  • Heating my pool while cooling my house

    I understand that heat pump take heat from one place and transport it somewhere else. Therefore, would it be feasible to take heat from my house air...

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    Started by Philippe Goulet

  • even emotional well being.

    Description of Cricket Cricket is one of the most famous games loved by many people around the world. People in India are crazy about cricket. It...

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    Started by qiumi

  • Display Temp Incorrect After Powering On

    Display temp incorrect after powering back on post hurricane RHEEM 8350 Hi. We turned off our pool / spa heat pump during the hurricane. We have...

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    Started by Unregistered

  • t it is not the DB7'

    Aston Martin DB7 Thus it has a refined dohc inline six enhanced by an Eaton supercharger. Acceleration is best described as rapid; the DB7 is too...

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    Started by qiumi

  • The most user friendly pool heat pump

    Hello Everyone, I wonder if you ever had some bad experiences on a poorly designed or built pool heat pump when it comes to running the product,...

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    Started by Fiona

  • New Heat Pump

    Marcus, I turned on my new Jandy 3000 last night around 7 pm. The temp of the pool (25,000 gallons) was 63 degrees and the temp outside went down...

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    Started by Drew

  • Rheem Pool Heat Pump Not Heating Water

    My heater is not heating water. Cold air blowing out of the top and excess condensation, everything else seem to be working.... those are my only...

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    Started by Jay

  • Defrost thermostat for Insta-manual 2001

    I recently had the defrost sensor/switch/thermostat go bad on my Waterco/Focus Temp Insta 2001. I was wondering if you anyone knows of a comparable...

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    Started by Focus Temp Insta 2001

  • Aqua comfort heat pump cycling

    My heat pump cycles on and off. When I turn it on the fan and compressor both turn on. Heat is produced at this time. The the fan intermittently cuts...

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    Started by Joe

  • AquaCal Aerotemp heat pump error code

    Hello, I turned on my AquaCal AT12000 recently and received a "dPc" error code. The front panel said the code meant "suction probe...

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    Started by FrankM

  • JANDY LOW pressure ref problem

    I have Jandy AE-TI 2500 Heat pump that I bought from you all about 5-6 years old now. I just turned it on for the start of the season a couple days...

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    Started by JeffW

  • Hayward Heat Pump thermostat issues

    Hi, I have an 8 year old Hayward heat pump that started acting up yesterday. The pool temperature read 95F when I first turned on the heater and then...

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    Started by Tom

  • EUS Heat Pump Won't Start Buzzing Sound

    When I turn the temperature knob to start the pump there is a loud buzzing sound (when the temp of the pool water is reached on the dial) and the...

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    Started by David Olson