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  • Winterizing Heat Siphon SX 3.25

    Disconnected my Heat Siphon from my pool pump. Instructions say to be sure there's no water left in the heat exchanger I should pour anti-freeze in...

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    Started by Randy

  • AT600 "HP" indicator is on

    I have a five year old Aquatherm AT600 pool heat pump that is not operating normally. The "HP" light is coming on and the only way to turn...

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    Started by Raymond Intreglia

  • Heat pump refrigerant

    Hi We have a Hayward heat pump installed for our in ground pool. Late last summer (just after one year of heat pump use) I noticed an oily...

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    Started by John

  • GFCI Breaker

    Do I need to power the heat pump with a GFCI breaker in my panel or are the units safe to use without one? Thanks.

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    Started by David

  • Heat Pump for a Spa?

    I'm a newbie in the market for a pool with a spill over spa. I'm thinking of heating the two with a heat pump but I'm getting conflicting advice...

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    Started by rizzilient

  • heat pump doesn't start

    hi, we bought a heat pump for our pool a few days ago. i wanted to clean out the basket of the pool filter so i turned of the heat pump and then the...

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    Started by jeff

  • Hayward heat pump efficiency

    Hello-- Great site, very helpful. I recently installed a Hayward 2100TCO heat pump for our pool in Connecticut (replaced an older propane heater)...

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    Started by Michael

  • How do I clean the inside of the GS-1000

    I have the above heat pump for my pool, and there's all kind of debris inside the unit. How do I clean it? Hopefully someone has a solution. thanks...

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    Started by Leslie

  • Electric Costs

    Hi all - Would love to know the appoximate monthly costs for heating your pools for heater and heat pump... Need to know to make final decision!! ...

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    Started by renee

  • Water temperature sensor question...

    Hello: When I started up my Turcotte Generation pool heat pump this year I get the error code "Sc" which indicates a short circuit in the...

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    Started by Louis F

  • Heat Pump Oil Leak

    My heat pump gave in last year and leaked the freon oil into my pool. I am having a very difficult time trying to remove the oil from the water...

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    Started by David

  • How to best run heat pump

    Hello, I am a new pool and heat pump owner. I understand that as the ambient air gets cooler, the heat pump will have to work 'harder' to maintain...

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    Started by Ron Brierley

  • Kopec 650 Ti problems

    I ahve a Kopec 650 TI about 3 1/2 seasons old. Won't turn on to start this season. Green light is on, pump is working fine, good flow. However the...

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    Started by fishhead

  • ice forming on outside of heat pump

    After mediating damage done by rodents residing in the control panel during the off-seaons, I finally have my heat pump up and running. I am...

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    Started by Michael Hagan

  • scroll vs. piston?????

    I have read articles stating that scroll compressors are more efficient than piston models and that if you want to save electricity, a scroll model...

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    Started by Tom Klein


    Hello, By pool guy wanted to install a BIPASS on my Heat Siphon SX5.0 He noticed in the owners book that it reads NO BIPASS req. Is this safe, I...

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    Started by Al Tambolleo

  • 2 inch -1.5 inch

    I have all 2 inch pipe on my pool. My new Heat siphon SX5.0 is 1.5 inch Is it OK to plumb the heater using 2 inch?

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    Started by Al Tambolleo

  • Measuring flow

    Hi Marcus, I have a few questions hopefully either you or an experienced forum member can answer. I just had my HS DX 5.0 delivered to Pa, and am...

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    Started by John

  • Free Heat from home A/C

    I was wondering if anyone else has thought of recovering the waste heat generated by a home A/C condensing unit? My pool heater and A/C condensing...

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    Started by John G

  • Heat Siphon DX 5.0 ready to deliver

    Hi Marcus, Do you direct ship from the manufacturer? I can't imagine I ordered it Wednesday and it's in my area today from Wahington...

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    Started by John

  • Heat/Cooling option

    So….I'm getting ready to contract a pool in the Phoenix area, and have been searching for equipment recommendations. Your web site has been a...

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    Started by Fred

  • Heat pump vs Heater

    I have a 40x18ft roman style pool with an 8ft deep end, there is a 5x5ft hot tub attached. I have been told it is about 28K gal total. We live in...

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    Started by David Moyer-Diener

  • Brand new to pool care and maintenance

    Hi, We just bought a home in Boise, ID with a 20' X 40' pool. It is 8' deep at the deep end. The house was "flipped" and though we got a...

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    Started by Tonya

  • Best time to run a heat pump

    Hello, I am considering a heat pump for our pool and after reading various posts am wondering if the best time to run a heat pump is when the outside...

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    Started by Tom

  • which heat pump in Arizona?

    Hi Everyone! We are in Saddlebrooke, AZ just north of Tucson ~2700 ft elevation... so which heat pump is best for this situation: we would love to...

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    Started by Irka