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  • which heat pump in Arizona?

    Hi Everyone! We are in Saddlebrooke, AZ just north of Tucson ~2700 ft elevation... so which heat pump is best for this situation: we would love to...

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    Started by Irka

  • heat pump sizing

    Hi, I have a winter home north of Puerto Vallarta, MX. The home is on the Pacific, so we do get above average wind and evaporation. My pool is a...

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    Started by Tom

  • AR2500 Heat Pump

    A couple of weeks ago you recommended that I use either the AE2000 or the 2500 Jandy. After reading the specs, I am about to pull the trigger on the...

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    Started by Buck Woods

  • How many BTU's do I need?

    My gas heater has gone out again and needs to be replaced. How many BTU's do I need? Small pool, 10,000 gallons with small hot tub.

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    Started by kay

  • Need a big heat pump pool heater

    Hello, I am having a very large inground pool built and would like advise on the size and "amount" of heat pumps I may need. This pool...

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    Started by BigpoolRic

  • HeatPro Heater

    Looking to buy HeatPro heater by Hayward. Looking for reviews on how these units are. Any information would be great. Thanks

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    Started by Richard

  • General Fault Filter Pump

    Does anyone know what this code means? It is displaying on our PDA, but the pump appears to be working fine.

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    Started by stacy

  • neighbours noisy pool heater

    hi my neighbour put in a new heat pump,and is very noisy being that is raised to a height as high as my is very loud and he is not very...

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    Started by sean

  • Heat Siphon SX5.0HP / SX3.25HP

    Hi, I recently bought a home in North Cyprus and would like to use a heat pump for pool as well as central heating. It seems to me that I can now...

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    Started by Louis Schneider

  • Optimum Flow Rate

    I've recently installed a new pool and heat/cool pump (Rheem 6100hc). The unit was installed with a bypass valve to allow me to control the water...

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    Started by Rodney

  • Spool Heat Pump in Phoenix, AZ

    Hi Marcus, I live in Phoenix, and have a "spool" that is at the most 2500 gallons. I am looking to keep it at a spa temperature of about...

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    Started by Bob

  • New refrigerant gas R410 for heat pump

    I have another question, I`ve recently found out that most refrigerant in the heat pumps is " R22". The environmental laws in Canada(are...

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    Started by Thomas

  • Recommendation fot Long Island

    Hi Marcus, Thanks for the great site! I have a 41,000 gallon True L, 16X40, and 20X40. Deep end goes to about 9 feet, to accomodate the diving...

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    Started by Thomas Corrao

  • Orlando, Florida

    Hi: I need to buy a pool heater for my +/-25,000 gallon pool in Orlando. It is in a screened enclosure. I am concerned about costs of operation...

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    Started by Anthony Ruben

  • Pool/Spa Heat pump in Florida

    We are looking to add a heat pump to our Pool and Spa. We are looking at 2 manufacturers. AquaCal Heatwave Model H120 and Hayward HeatPro Model...

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    Started by Bob Hoel

  • What size Wire to run

    I'm contemplating purchasing a Heat Siphon dx5 and am uncertain what size wire (AWG) to run. i know it's a 50amp 208v circuit at approx. 110' from...

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    Started by Dangerous

  • Heater not working

    I have been renting this home with a pool that has a Scroll EUS Heat Pump, where all you had to do was turn the knob to start the heating process. I...

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    Started by Angela

  • Pool pump noise

    Hi, Since adding a heat pump the pool water pump seems to be more noisy. The pump motor and filters are in a large fiberglass enclosure with louvered...

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    Started by Terry

  • max heat pump

    my max heat pump wont work again. it got power it turns on water level is fine but heat pump wont turn on can anyone help. wanted to go swimming on...

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    Started by keith

  • Low H2O Error Message On Pool Heat Pump

    I recently turned my Air Energy 550SE heat pump on and am getting a "low H2O" error message. Previously this message would appear only...

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    Started by Randy

  • Jandy vs Pentair

    Hello Marcus, I am getting a pool installed. Originally under the contract, we had ordered the Jandy AE2500, but when I got home today the pool...

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    Started by Jobe

  • heat pump concern

    Hey Marcus, Love you site, I am thinking about getting a heat pump for my pool during installation of the pool. I am reading your site and I have...

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    Started by Terry

  • Aquarium Heating

    I am looking to heat a recirculating system of fish tanks approx 6000ltrs to a temp of 28c will a heat pump fill this need, also is a heat pump safe...

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    Started by Amanda

  • Heat pumps

    Hello, I'm looking for a heat pump to support a radiant floor (hydronic) system in a residential application. I live in Washington and would like to...

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    Started by David

  • focus temp

    Hi, I live in Spain and am considering purchasing a focus temp heat pump. They seem to be a lot cheaper than other makes (Jandy) but they seem to...

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    Started by Nic