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  • focus temp

    Hi, I live in Spain and am considering purchasing a focus temp heat pump. They seem to be a lot cheaper than other makes (Jandy) but they seem to...

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    Started by Nic

  • Pool Heater Operation

    Hi, If I am not using a pool cover, and I want the pool temperature at about 84 degrees, and the jacuzzi at about 100. Is it more efficient to shut...

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    Started by Scott

  • jandy AE2000

    we are looking at purchasing this heat pump anyone one have it and what do you think of it pros and cons thanks cindy

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    Started by cindy

  • Heat Pump Recommendation?

    Hello, Location: PX, AZ Capacity: Approximately 30,000 gal Inground, Concrete Filter/Pump: 2 hp Pump run time: Whatever is...

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    Started by John

  • Heat Pump Inside a Shed

    Great site, thanks for the great information. I live in NJ and looking to add heat, my pool is under trees and it just does not get warm enough. We...

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    Started by Ken

  • Selection of Heat Pump

    We are looking at various models to heat our 16 X 32 4' to 8' deep pool in Raleigh, NC. A consideration is auto-defrost as we are hopeful to swim...

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    Started by Michael Dadian

  • High Refrigerant Pressure

    I have a two month old Heat Siphon that is acting up. The error message reads: cyl H. It then gives numbers "0033". Can anyone shed light?

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    Started by Lynn L Landry

  • Frost/snow on heatpump

    I live in Montreal, Canada.... This time of year it is approx 65 and the nights get as low as 55 to 60 degrees. Today I have noticed snow/frost...

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    Started by Daniel

  • Heat pump gas heat combo

    Marcus, I spoke with you in the spring and it looks like we are almost ready for heaters to complete our install. We are on the Eastern Shore of...

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    Started by Corey


    Last year I installed a Hayward (EUS) heat pump on an aboveground pool. When we opened the pool this year, the heat pump would not work. The display...

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    Started by Jon

  • Heat Pump vs Natual Gas Heater

    We live in Pennsylania, are looking to install an approx 800 sq ft inground pool with a 50 sq ft spa that will have spillovers into the pool. I...

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    Started by Tom

  • Solar ion generator

    Hi Marcus, I recently came across a device on the Internet called a Floatron. The claims are intriguing, regarding...

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    Started by David

  • Welcome to our new Forum!

    Dear Friends, This is a new feature that we hope will help you in your pool heat pump research. You are not alone if you have pool heat pump...

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    Started by Marcus Miller

  • New heat pump

    Hello Marcus, We started up our Jandy AE2500 this morning at 10:00 am, the water temp was initially 76 degrees, the air temp was about the same. ...

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    Started by Debbie

  • low water return

    When the heat pump is on, this message shows "low water return" on the screen. How can I correct this problem. Thanks.

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    Started by connie

  • Spa Pressure Problem

    We have a new in-ground pool with spa that has been in service for just over a year. It is a salt-water (chlorine generator) system with a Jandy LT...

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    Started by John

  • New install

    Hi Marcus, I just recieved my Hayward HP21002. I'm trying to get quotes on running the electric to the heater, the plumbing i'm planning on doing...

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    Started by Ray

  • Leak

    Marcus, I have had a Focus Temp heat pump for 2 years, and I blow the water out of it when I close it for the winter. This morning I hooked it up...

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    Started by Tom

  • chlorine generator

    Marcus, I'm considering switching from chlorine pucks to a salt system. You sell both the Hayward and the Jandy. I have a Jandy AE1000 heat pump...

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    Started by Stuart

  • Heat Pump squeaks

    I've had a hayward heat pump for 4 years. It does a great job heating the pool, but it constantly squeaks. I've had the motor replaced and it still...

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    Started by Paul

  • instruction on heat pump after install

    marcus, if i use one of your local installers will they give me instructions on the unit that they installed thank you bob

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    Started by bob mccormack

  • Salt or Ozone

    I am having a 17x31 in ground installed in Pensacola Fl. to be swimming by Memorial Day. I am also having a Heat Pump of 125,000 btu's with Titanium...

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    Started by Jeff Wilson

  • Choosing a heat pump

    Marcus, I'm looking to heat a 25,000 gallon concrete pool w/ raised spa and have narrowed it down to two heaters: the Jandy AE2500 (no heat...

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    Started by Wayne

  • Heat pump & water pump

    Marcus: I'm new to heat pumps and I'm trying to understand the way they work. Does the heat pump come with a water pump contained or do I...

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    Started by Jonathan