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  • Pool pump noise

    Hi, Since adding a heat pump the pool water pump seems to be more noisy. The pump motor and filters are in a large fiberglass enclosure with louvered...

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    Started by Terry

  • max heat pump

    my max heat pump wont work again. it got power it turns on water level is fine but heat pump wont turn on can anyone help. wanted to go swimming on...

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    Started by keith

  • Low H2O Error Message On Pool Heat Pump

    I recently turned my Air Energy 550SE heat pump on and am getting a "low H2O" error message. Previously this message would appear only...

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    Started by Randy

  • Jandy vs Pentair

    Hello Marcus, I am getting a pool installed. Originally under the contract, we had ordered the Jandy AE2500, but when I got home today the pool...

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    Started by Jobe

  • heat pump concern

    Hey Marcus, Love you site, I am thinking about getting a heat pump for my pool during installation of the pool. I am reading your site and I have...

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    Started by Terry

  • Aquarium Heating

    I am looking to heat a recirculating system of fish tanks approx 6000ltrs to a temp of 28c will a heat pump fill this need, also is a heat pump safe...

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    Started by Amanda

  • Heat pumps

    Hello, I'm looking for a heat pump to support a radiant floor (hydronic) system in a residential application. I live in Washington and would like to...

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    Started by David

  • focus temp

    Hi, I live in Spain and am considering purchasing a focus temp heat pump. They seem to be a lot cheaper than other makes (Jandy) but they seem to...

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    Started by Nic

  • Pool Heater Operation

    Hi, If I am not using a pool cover, and I want the pool temperature at about 84 degrees, and the jacuzzi at about 100. Is it more efficient to shut...

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    Started by Scott

  • jandy AE2000

    we are looking at purchasing this heat pump anyone one have it and what do you think of it pros and cons thanks cindy

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    Started by cindy

  • Heat Pump Recommendation?

    Hello, Location: PX, AZ Capacity: Approximately 30,000 gal Inground, Concrete Filter/Pump: 2 hp Pump run time: Whatever is...

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    Started by John

  • Heat Pump Inside a Shed

    Great site, thanks for the great information. I live in NJ and looking to add heat, my pool is under trees and it just does not get warm enough. We...

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    Started by Ken

  • Selection of Heat Pump

    We are looking at various models to heat our 16 X 32 4' to 8' deep pool in Raleigh, NC. A consideration is auto-defrost as we are hopeful to swim...

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    Started by Michael Dadian

  • High Refrigerant Pressure

    I have a two month old Heat Siphon that is acting up. The error message reads: cyl H. It then gives numbers "0033". Can anyone shed light?

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    Started by Lynn L Landry

  • Frost/snow on heatpump

    I live in Montreal, Canada.... This time of year it is approx 65 and the nights get as low as 55 to 60 degrees. Today I have noticed snow/frost...

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    Started by Daniel

  • Heat pump gas heat combo

    Marcus, I spoke with you in the spring and it looks like we are almost ready for heaters to complete our install. We are on the Eastern Shore of...

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    Started by Corey


    Last year I installed a Hayward (EUS) heat pump on an aboveground pool. When we opened the pool this year, the heat pump would not work. The display...

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    Started by Jon

  • Heat Pump vs Natual Gas Heater

    We live in Pennsylania, are looking to install an approx 800 sq ft inground pool with a 50 sq ft spa that will have spillovers into the pool. I...

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    Started by Tom

  • Solar ion generator

    Hi Marcus, I recently came across a device on the Internet called a Floatron. The claims are intriguing, regarding...

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    Started by David

  • Welcome to our new Forum!

    Dear Friends, This is a new feature that we hope will help you in your pool heat pump research. You are not alone if you have pool heat pump...

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    Started by Marcus Miller

  • New heat pump

    Hello Marcus, We started up our Jandy AE2500 this morning at 10:00 am, the water temp was initially 76 degrees, the air temp was about the same. ...

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    Started by Debbie

  • low water return

    When the heat pump is on, this message shows "low water return" on the screen. How can I correct this problem. Thanks.

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    Started by connie

  • Spa Pressure Problem

    We have a new in-ground pool with spa that has been in service for just over a year. It is a salt-water (chlorine generator) system with a Jandy LT...

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    Started by John

  • New install

    Hi Marcus, I just recieved my Hayward HP21002. I'm trying to get quotes on running the electric to the heater, the plumbing i'm planning on doing...

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    Started by Ray

  • Leak

    Marcus, I have had a Focus Temp heat pump for 2 years, and I blow the water out of it when I close it for the winter. This morning I hooked it up...

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    Started by Tom