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  • chlorine generator

    Marcus, I'm considering switching from chlorine pucks to a salt system. You sell both the Hayward and the Jandy. I have a Jandy AE1000 heat pump...

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    Started by Stuart

  • Heat Pump squeaks

    I've had a hayward heat pump for 4 years. It does a great job heating the pool, but it constantly squeaks. I've had the motor replaced and it still...

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    Started by Paul

  • instruction on heat pump after install

    marcus, if i use one of your local installers will they give me instructions on the unit that they installed thank you bob

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    Started by bob mccormack

  • Salt or Ozone

    I am having a 17x31 in ground installed in Pensacola Fl. to be swimming by Memorial Day. I am also having a Heat Pump of 125,000 btu's with Titanium...

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    Started by Jeff Wilson

  • Choosing a heat pump

    Marcus, I'm looking to heat a 25,000 gallon concrete pool w/ raised spa and have narrowed it down to two heaters: the Jandy AE2500 (no heat...

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    Started by Wayne

  • Heat pump & water pump

    Marcus: I'm new to heat pumps and I'm trying to understand the way they work. Does the heat pump come with a water pump contained or do I...

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    Started by Jonathan