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  • Aerotemp AT-8500 keeps blowing circut

    I have a AT-8500 I got it from a pool place it was supposed to have been factory refurbished after I hooked it up. it would run for a few then when...

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    Started by David DeFalco

  • flo code on a aquacal electric heat pump

    got a flo code cleaned filter can hear heater hum but fan doesnt com on. any ideas thanks

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    Started by donald

  • Interfacing a Pump With Gulfstream Heat Pump

    Interfacing a Pentair Pump With A Gulfstream Heat Pump installed a new gulf stream heat pump..have a pentair electric pump...and a solar pump as...

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    Started by cyndy pittman

  • Pentair Heat exchanger corrosion

    I have a Thermafol HP500 by Pentair. After 2 years it has started to leak at the heat exchanger copper connection becasue it has deteriorated to the...

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    Started by John Arendes

  • IG Pool Heat Pump has leak

    I have a 4 year old Waterco 125 Titanium Heat Pump for a 20x40 in ground pool. I tried turning it on yesterday and found a leak in one of the...

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    Started by cubgirl



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    Started by ERICKA

  • Problems with a new installation of a Zodiac Powerfirst 15M pool heat pump

    I had a Zodiac 15M Powerfirst pool heatpump and Intelliheat controller installed by a local swimming pool company a few months ago and it has never...

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    Started by Tony Caruana

  • Pentair minimax ch 400m new installation

    Hi dear I recently installed pool heater but even after 40 hours non stop operation water temperature is not sufficient for swimming. Pool size is...

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    Started by imran rashid

  • Dedicated circuit for heat pump.

    Good day. When I installed my pool three years ago I only ran a three wire 120V circuit, about 60 feet of which is buried. The wife now wants the...

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    Started by Sean Winters

  • Nirvana

    Has the Nirvana heat pump been very reliable? Have you had many complaints on these units (such as the Nirvana M30 or M35).

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    Started by Debbie

  • Heat Pump Cycling When Thermostat Set to Maximum

    Our heat pump is an AqualCal, model T-115 that has heated our 14,500 gallon, in ground pool flawlessly for 16 years. When I turned the heater on...

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    Started by William Rahm

  • Hayward Heat Pump won't heat the water

    My Hayward Heat Pump won't heat the water. Temp setting at 95 ambient temp is 85-90. Warm air coming out of the top of the heat pump. Cleaned pool...

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    Started by Rick

  • Pentair Variable Speed Pump with Jandy Controller

    I am replacing my current pump that is run by a Jandy AquaLinks controller and was wondering if I will get the full benefit of the Pentair VS pump...

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    Started by jeffthom

  • corrosion

    Had a customer call me this week with an issue, which is of importance to all who have pool heat pumps located close to the ocean. This customer has...

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    Started by Asa Strong

  • A Message from Marcus Miller

    Dear pool owners. This will be my last post. After 30 years in the pool heating business I have to step down. It was my pleasure to...

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    Started by Marcus Miller

  • lightning strike covered by homeowners policy

    I purchased a Jandy AE2500Ti from here in 2005 or 2006. My house was hit by lightning and ruined the heat pump. My insurer wants it to be inspected...

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    Started by patrick kovacevic

  • Temperature setting

    I have a Rome s-95 electric heat pump. The display stays at 95 degrees all the time. I set the temp to say 80 degrees and then it goes to 95 and...

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    Started by Dave Hancock

  • Pool in South Louisiana

    Hi, I have a pool in Baton Rouge, LA that is about 16,000 gals (the pool design drawings call it 16k gals, but I calculated it to be around...

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    Started by Murray

  • Low humidity applications

    currently I have a Hayward propane fired heater for a pool with a spa where the spa waterfalls over into the pool in normal heat and/or filtering. ...

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    Started by Jeff Ancker

  • M fan won't run

    The unit seems to running but the fan is not. Any input will help. THanks

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    Started by Sandra Silvestri

  • MaxTemp used heat pump

    We recently purchased a used MaxTemp heat pump and started our pool. We connected everything as directed and an electrician took care of the wiring....

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    Started by Natalia K

  • Hayward HeatPro Electrical connection

    Hi, your forum is very informative and helpfull. I will be installing a Hayward HeatPro 85,000btu heat pump and I am not sure of the exact...

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    Started by Eric

  • pool heat pump wont turn on

    Hi There, Last summer we had a reconditioned Perfectemp pool heater installed for our pool and it has been working fine heating up the water and ...

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    Started by James Fawcett

  • Hayward Heat Pump not turning on

    Heat pump will not kick on. It is an older Hayward Heat Pro (analog). It is getting power and when I turn the knob to select temperature, it makes...

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    Started by Mike

  • Jandy AE200T trips breaker

    Marcus: What component would most likely cause my 40amp breaker to trip? My Jandy model# AE2000T Pool Heat Pump serial# L07AD0453 was installed in...

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    Started by kevin