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  • Can too much btu be a waste?

    Hi, Can you have too much BTU. Will you be wasting electricity because you have pool heater bigger then what you need. I was shopping for 65000btu...

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    Started by Serge

  • New heat pump

    I had a new 130,000 btu Rome Heat and Cool heat pump installed in Phoenix earlier this year. I have had limited time to run it to find out if it is...

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    Started by Paul

  • Heat Pump Problem

    Dear Marcus, an old Air Energy heat pump that came with the home we just purchased so I do not know any maintenance history. The fan operates but it...

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    Started by Jeff

  • New Heatpump Installation selection

    I noticed a few others have a Macon heat pump from China and are having some issues. I am also in the Comox valley and the contractor is promoting...

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    Started by Lorne Lowry

  • Heat Pump Icing Up

    I have a MACON MALCRW045ZB Swimming Pool Heat Pump. I live on Vancouver Island, Comox Valley. My heat pump is icing up even at temperatures around...

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    Started by Ken White

  • Breakers keeps tripping hayward pump

    Hi to everyone here, this is my first post breaker keeps tripping every time I turn it on!!! We had a 50,000 Hayward heat pump installed to...

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    Started by Mike

  • Acceptable Temp Difference

    Hi All, Just wondering what an acceptable temperature difference is from ambient pool water temp to what the heater is putting out of the return....

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    Started by Jason A

  • Defective Compressor Heatsiphon DXG5.0hpx 3phase 50hz 380/460V Scroll Digital

    Hello, may be someone could help, otherwise I will give all the hint "don´t buy a heatpump from heatsiphon". I ´ve bought the heat...

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    Started by Khalil

  • Question re used heat pump

    I am considering buying a 1.5 year old used Focus Temp Insta pool pump for my 24 foot above-ground pool. The seller indicates he paid $1200 for it...

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    Started by Gini

  • Panama City Beach Heat Pump?

    We are purchasing a home next month and I am looking into a heater for the pool. I thought gas was best until I started reading about heat pumps. Are...

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    Started by FloridaBill

  • *Wiring Question* Run 8/2 or 8/3

    Greetings Great discussion boards here! Quick question: I will be installing heat pump (either a Hayward 85k or Waterco 85k) and am wondering if...

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    Started by ryan

  • Aquacal/Aerotemp AT6500-A

    I have free access to a Aerotemp AT6500-A heat pump from friends, but cannot locate any information on the BTU size. I have a 27ft pool and am not...

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    Started by John Ambrosini

  • Hayward Heat Pump for Above Ground Pool

    My husband and I are considering installing a Hayward HP21104T Heat Pump to heat our 30' round above ground pool. The information on your website...

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    Started by Allie

  • heat will not start up

    I have a waterco insta manual 55 3 years old and the heat pump will not start up and water is coming out over flow need help.

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    Started by Richard

  • Distance between heat pump and pool pump

    Quick question, I am trying to find the ideal spot to install my new heat pump. Best place is currently about 30 feet away from my pool pump. I...

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    Started by Marc

  • Older heat pump leak question

    I have a heat pump that I cannot find any info on. The label has worn down but it looks like it says "TRG Heat Pump" and the model is...

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    Started by Glenn

  • Hayward Heat Pump

    I installed a Hayward 110K BTU heat pump. The temp outside was 70, water temp was 51. After 5 hours, the water temp only came up to 52 in an inground...

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    Started by Bob

  • York

    A mate has a york heat pump which seems to be stuck on cooling. The model is moh25r15aic Its a 7 kw system. Whats likely to be to problem? Any help...

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    Started by John

  • Used Heat Pump Advice

    I just purchased a home near vero Beach, Florida. The home has a 17,000 gal pool and we've decided we need a heater to use the pool during the...

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    Started by Fred


    Having problem with my OASIS C21 heatpump. Water flowing through it, the red power light on the chiller 300 controller is on, theres gas showing on...

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    Started by JOHN

  • FL Heat Pump selection advice

    I live in FL (Tampa Bay area) and are unsure what model and how large a heat pump we need to heat our 10,000 concrete inground pool with spa...

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    Started by Wendy T

  • Quiet Electric Pump

    I live in Florida and have an in-ground 14 x 28 pool with an elevated jacuzzi. Currently have a TropiCal Scroll T115 which can heat the jacuzzi...

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    Started by Al

  • Compressor runs 5 seconds and off.

    Hi, I'm having a problem with a used heat pump I just purchased. After hooking it up, it ran fine and raised the temperature of the pool by 10...

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    Started by Frank Bowie

  • Temperature Rise in Heat Pump

    I purchased the Solarium 105 Heat Pump in May. The shipment was fast and it was easy to install. Thank you. I have an 18x36 rectangular pool, 5.5...

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    Started by Dave

  • heat pump pressure explosion

    Something happened today where my fairly new (under 2 yrs old) Perfect Temp Heat Pump blew the 2" PVC piping off at the angles in the piping...

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    Started by Dave