We just bought a home in Boise, ID with a 20' X 40' pool.  It is 8' deep at the deep end.  The house was "flipped" and though we got a great deal, it appears that we will need to replace some or all of the equipment: at least the heater and possibly the pump.

We have purchased a solar bubble cover and the pool is in a very sunny area surrounded by a concrete patio.  It gets hot here in the summer, so we may find that a heater isn't necessary this year.

However, I have no idea what size heater to consider, or what factors I should consider before purchasing a heater or a pump...or anything else for that matter.  The pool water is filtered through sand and we have natural gas as well as electricity available.

Any advice?
Marcus Miller
Dear Tonya:
For your size pool you will need heat pumps over 100,000 BTU's. I sent you a separate letter that would be too long for the forum of some of my favorite heaters for your state.
Marcus Miller
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