Hi to everyone here,  this is my first post

breaker keeps tripping every time I turn it on!!!

We had a 50,000 Hayward heat pump installed to my pool. We ran 10/3 wire with ground to the heat pump. it requires a dual pole 20 amp 240 breaker.  It only needed two hot wires and a ground with no neutral! we hooked the wires up to the pump just like the manual says  with no neutral but it trips the breaker every time we turn it on.  

 can it be wired wrong with only two hot wires?

 Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

Marc Miller
Dear Mike:
Thank you for writing. They only takes 2 hot wires and a ground. Also an electrician needs to do the work and to bond the heater too the earth and pool equipment or you can lose your warranty if Hayward finds out. Everyone in the industry want you to use a licensed electrician to wire the heater. Anyone can glue the two water pipes though as that isn't rocket science.  There is no neutral. Here is what they say on the Hayward web site copied below as of 08/14/2011. If someone is reading this in the future that might have changed. They say your breaker is too small. But it is possible that you also have a bad compressor, fan motor etc. or it is wired wrong somehow.
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  • 220 Volt / 30 Amp Service Required
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