Jim Milborn

I spoke to Kevin on the phone today.  He was great and educated me on Heat Pumps for our Swimming pool in Indiana.  My pool installer mentioned the Rheem 130,000 BTU.  How does this compare to the Jandy AE3000.  My pool installer stated they are about the same price. The Jandy AE3000 has 135,000 BTU's. I know Rheem use to be Raypac. That's all I know. In addition, I cannot locate a HVAC who can install a heat pump for a pool in the Indianapolis area.  I called a bunch of different places and none worked on pool heat pumps.  Any suggestions?  I am probably going to order my heat pump from your guys. 

Marc Miller
Dear Mr. Milborn:
Thank you for writing back to me and the kind words. I hope that you and your family are well. You don't need an A/C heating contractor to put this in. All you need is an electrician and somebody to glue the two water pipes. Simple electrical job for a licensed electrician. I have no patience for wimpy A/C guys who don't want to help put in a pool heat pump. It is easy and you are helping a customer. It is a heat pump and they go to school for that. They would rather change a filter and do a pre season furnace check ups this time of year for $300.00 I guess. Come on HVAC guys who are reading this. Furnaces are boring. When I was a contractor I would do whatever my customers asked me to do. As long as they were paying my labor rate why should I care. I have even replaced light bulbs, hung a curtain rod for an elderly couple and fished snakes and frogs out of pools. Next time I will wash the grease off my hands better before doing inside work though. Most A/C heating contractors subcontract the electrical work anyway depending on local codes. They just have to pick up a check when the job is done. I guess they are over whelmed with work. It make me crazy when the customers needs are not put first. The heater that you pick depends on a few things that I am sure Kevin covered. Some manufacturers have better warranties in different parts of the country. Many of the heaters that you get from us will have a better warranty in IN as some manufactorers only release those heaters to us to help our customers. Some heaters work better in colder weather. It depends on what months you want to keep the pool open etc. Rheem owns Raypak and Ruud. They have been around forever just like Jandy. Both are great heaters and manufacturers. You can't make a mistake with either brand but I would rather that you go over again your expectations with Kevin. He needs to know the length of the season that you need, the size pool that you have, and whether or not you use a blanket on the water at night. Then you can confirm the warranty, size of the heater and anything else that might be important for your particular installation. We are very conscious here at PHP to make that we ask you all the right questions so that we don't do anything that will cost you time or extra money. Hurry though. You still have 6 plus weeks of swimming left.

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