Asa Strong
Had a customer call me this week with an issue, which is of importance to all who have pool heat pumps located close to the ocean.  This customer has a home on the beach with a pool that faced the ocean.  His problem was the salt from the ocean had turned the evaporator fins on his pool heat pump to, as he described it, mush.  This after only three years of owning the pool heat pump.  He was looking for a new model that would stand up to his harsh environment.  After a little research there were a few things I learned.  There is a product called green fin coil protector produced by a company called Bronz-Glow, which can be applied by aerosol can.  The Gulfstream brand of pool heat pumps will apply green fin coil protector on the fins and the copper tubing in the evaporator upon request when ordering a new pool heat pump.  Heat Siphon brand coats all there pool heat pumps with a polyvinyl coating.  These coatings will help retard corrosion, but probably the best advice is to hose off those evaporator fins a couple times a year, especially if you live close to the shore line.
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