may be someone could help, otherwise I will give all the hint "don´t buy a heatpump from heatsiphon".

I ´ve bought the heat pump in October 2008 directly from heatsiphon, this year in April 2011 the compressor was defective, after contacting Miss Gianini (the tech-support from heatsiphon) via chat - here is an extract: 

"OK, Part is in warranty, you will have to pay for freight to get it to you and labor to have it installed. I will email you shortly with freight quote and lead time to get the compressor in from our supplier.

Dr. Khalil: your homepage you write: Strongest Warranty in the Industry addition to our UNCONDITIONAL LIFETIME HEAT EXCHANGER CORROSION WARRANTY, HEAT SIPHON has the STRONGEST WARRANTY in the pool heating industry WHERE IT COUNTS FULL FIVE YEARS PARTS AND LABOR COMPRESSOR WARRANTY. Your compressor is the MOST EXPENSIVE PART TO REPLACE - at least THREE TIMES the cost of the next most expensive service part. FINE PRINT - NOT PRO-RATED like our competition. At 4 years and 11 months you still get a new compressor and we pay for the labor to put it in, and we back it up with quick, hassle-free warranty service from our network of Factory Authorized Service Centers.
Dr. Khalil: why i have to pay for the labour?
Sue: is USA  Warranty where service centers are set up with contracted rates.  I will email you shortly
Dr. Khalil: thank you sue"

That´s the last email on 12th April 2011:

LEAD Time to get compressor is 3 weeks.

Freight will be $258.95 Air 3-5 days.
Get  a quote for labor and email it. Maybe we can give you the freight free to cover labor cost.  Warmest Reqards, Sue Giannini

I contacted again and again, the CEO Mr.Bernardi as well and also by my solicitor 

Up to now: I´ve got no compressor, no answer, nothing. May be the reason could be, that I´m living in Germany.

Best wishes Khalil

Marc Miller
Dear Mr. Khalil:
I am sorry that you feel like you are not getting the service that you think you deserve. Heat Siphon is correct though in saying that you are looking at the USA warranty. That is also why we never recommend buying direct from the manufacturer. There is nobody in between you and them to help solve problems or exert any influence. Now because of what you did there is no way that we can help you. As all of our customers know if they buy from us we do everything possible to make sure they are happy if there are any issues. It sounds like it isn't possible but we usually charge less then the factories do too because of our volume and negotiated rates and get better shipping quotes to our customers. When one of our customers calls us when they have a problem they are not just an anonymous annoying phone call wanting something for free; they are our customer that we care about and have had a relationship with. We have also been doing this since before 95% of the factories have been in business and have seen factories come and go but we are still here in the heat pump trade for 30 years now and we expect another 30 more. We send heaters all over the world and don't value you anyone any less if they are in a remote mountain village in the Andes at 12,000 feet in Bolivia or if they are in my home town and can knock on the office door and contact us. A complaint letter or e-mail is the easiest thing to ignore, a phone call the second easiest thing, but a human body is the hardest thing to get rid of and factories know that. We treat them all with the same care and our ratings on the web show that.  
We did forward your email to the factory and let them know that you had posted a negative review about them . I hope that will help you get resolved this issue much faster.
Best Regards,
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