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Basically Econet word is used as a low energy consumption network, but here Econet concept is based on intermittently and efficiently evaporating water on a large area in front of the heat rejection surface of Mini - Split, Rooftop, Air Cooled Chillers, Condensers and Dry Coolers.

It is having fully automated control lets discuss the working of econet with a simple day today life example of greenhouse in the farms or in the nursery. The main purpose of that greenhouse is to protect the plants from direct sunlight and keep the atmosphere cool. When the temperature exceeds to a certain limit the temperature in the greenhouse is been maintained by Heaters, Vents and fans. Vents and Fans help to cool the greenhouse on a sunny day, even at 20 degrees below zero; greenhouse air can heat up well beyond healthful levels. As these are conventional ways to control the temperature which are not much economic so Maniks introduced a very user friendly and economic device to control the temperature known as an “Econet”.

Advantages of Econet

  • Temperature control is carried out without human interactions
  • Fully automated system is provided to mentain the temperature of the greenhouse
  • Conserves more energy as compared to conventional systems
  • Very economic and user friendly device
  • Mentainance cost is very low
  • Econet is an environment safe device

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