I went to start my pool heater last week and it gave me a service light with a CE error code.  I looked this up in the Hayward troubleshooting guide and it said this was a communication error between the ICB and display board and recommended checking connections.  I did so and found no loose or corroded connections. The troubleshooting guide next recommended replacing the display interface assembly and/or key pad.  I replaced the display card and when I did, the display no longer lit up.  Thinking the new card may be bad, I put the old one back in and the display did not light up with it either, as it had done before to give me the service light and CE code.  I went ahead and ordered  a new display panel and installed it with both the old display card and new display card and neither lit up.   I then ordered a new ICB board and installed it with both the old and new display interface card and key pad and still the display does not light up.  I have checked the three car type fuses on the fuse panel and the ICB and all four fused have continuity.

I am about $450 in parts into this and do not have any display as I  had when I started.  It seems like the unit has a power disconnect somewhere since I first turned off the power to work on it, but I have done nothing but replace the display card/key pad and then the ICB.  Any recommendations or suggestions  before I give up?

The unit is 6 years old and has rarely been used.  The pool store  did not sound too excited about working on it when a called about a service call and suggested  a new heater for $2,300 might be a better option than repairing a six year old unit.
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