Hi, your forum is very informative and helpfull.

I will be installing a Hayward HeatPro 85,000btu heat pump and I am not sure of the exact electrical setup.  A previous post touches on this subject.  There seems to be two line connections, I would assume a red and black wire, but what do I do with the white neutral wire? I will be running 8-3 wire.  If I use 8-2, then I would have only one line (hot) wire. Is this correct? Is it safe to connect the white (neutral) with the ground wire on the ground lug inside the heat pump?

Thank you very much.
Marc Miller
Thank you for writing. All the manufacturers want a licensed electrician to wire the heater or they can void the warranty. I am sorry but I can't help you on this one. A good electrician can wire a heat pump if they have the proper service next to it in less than an hour. They will also know the right size and type of wire to run so you don't spend extra money that you don't have to. 

Asa Strong

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