I bought a Hayward HP21404T for my 20X40 in ground pool back in May and its been excellent all summer keeping the pool at 84.

This morning, I came home and noticed the pump was set to 95. I tried to change it by pressing the up and down arrow, but nothing worked. I pressed the select button, which usually changes it from pool to spa (I don't have a spa) and still nothing. But if I hold the select button the display changes from 95 to 62. But still none of the buttons do anything. Its still producing heat for the pool, but I cant set thermostat.

I turned the unit off and on and also turned the breaker off to it for 10 minutes or so. still nothing.

What am I missing or doing wrong?

Asa Strong
Sounds like the control board is defective.  Need to call Hayward for a service call while it is still under warranty.
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