joe d
hi marcus.
i live in south florida and i am thinking about buying a heat pump for my pool.
its a 30x16 freeform pool with 1 sheer and 2 lion heads
it will not be covered
thinking about SUMMIT,AE and HAYWARD
what brand do u suggest and what size


Marc Miller
Dear Joe:
Thank you for asking my opinion. Summit, Air Energy (Jandy) and Hayward are great companies. Hayward owns Summit now so they are the same brand. I see that you live in South Florida. Some heaters have better warranties in Florida than others. Do you have an overflow spa attached to the pool? Since the pool won't be covered I need to know if you live on a lake, ocean etc to see if we have a wind issue. Will you use it all year? Pool in the sun or shade? This information will help me pick a nice heater for you. Please include your e-mail as my response might be too long for the forum. Sincerely,

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