Jason Oliver
I am awaiting the delivery of my new heat pump (Thank you for the great service so far Marc!).  My question is what is the best placement of the pump (i.e. how far away from the pool; direct sunlight, or shade, etc).  If any one has some some factory info or just their own experience and ideas to share, let me know.  I will be pouring a pad this next weekend and am just trying to figure this out (among other things such as size of the pad! :-)  ).

Thanks in advance for the comments!

Marcus Miller
Dear Jason:
Thank you for writing back to me and the kind words. 36" X 40" will handle most any heat pump. A slab is a lot of work. Looks nice though. Patio stones and some play sand as a base works too. My feeling about the sun is that if a sunny spot is less than 10 feet from the equipment (water pump, filter etc.) then put the heater there. If it is over that then forget it as the heat loss from the pipes will negate any gain from the sun.
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