Location: PX, AZ

Capacity: Approximately 30,000 gal

Inground, Concrete

Filter/Pump: 2 hp
Pump run time: Whatever is necessary

30% daily shade

Solar Cover

I am looking to add a heat pump to my pool. I am hoping to extend the swim season throughout the year. 84-86º water temperature? Can this be accomplished?

Are the larger heat pumps better suited for this situation? Or would that only supply quicker heat up and recovery times? Is there any reason not to use the larger heat pumps?

Are these good choices?
Rheem RMHP 8300TI
Haywood HP21202T

Which would offer the best performance between the two?

Is there any reason to look at the power defrost model Rheem in my climate?
Any information and other recommendations are appreciated. I am open to all options.
Thank you,

Marcus Miller
Dear John:
Thank you for writing to me.
I lived in CA and NM and traveled extensively throughout Arizona. We send heaters to the Phoenix / Tucson and Sun City areas every week this time of year, and we have 1000s of customers from El Paso to San Diego, so I know your pools and weather.  I know that you will love your new swimming pool heat pump. Gas is too expensive in AZ to heat a pool, and solar doesn't work well in the winter months. 

In AZ I like to heat all year long if it is above 50° outside in the daytime. It depends on the weather. If it is below 50 degrees or if you have a spa then I woul dget one of the heat pumps that defrost like the Jandy TR or the Rheem with the Power Defrost.
For your size pool, 30,000 gallons, look at heat pumps in the 100,000 plus BTU range because your pool is so large.  86 with a blanket on the water in the winter is fine for most of the season.
I would stick with companies that have been in the heat pump industry for 20 years or more. Then you know they will be there for you. I will only tell you about heaters that are high quality, fair priced, with manufacturers that have great customer service.
Both models that you listed are top of the line. That Hayward doesn't defrost so I would lean to the Hayward HP21002C that is for C (The "C") is for Canada if you want a Hayward; or the Rheem 8300 with the Power Defrost feature might be better for you because of the capacity (You have a big pool) and also the defrosting ability. (If you swim when it is cold out)
Another heater that I love is the Jandy AE 2500 TR or the AE 3000TR. These will defrost in the winter and also cool the pool in the summer. MAny people in AZ need that as their pool can approtch 100 degrees in the summer. I hope that helps and that I hear from you soon.

Hello Marcus,

Hayward HP21002C
116,000 BTU
5.0 COP

Rheem 8300TI PD
137,000 BTU
6.1 COP

Jandy AE3000TR
131,000 BTU
5.9 COP

I am not sure if I need a cooling feature. Though not quite ideal the water "may" exceed 90º for a few weeks on rare years. Usually 87-88º.

Of the 3 listed above what would be your final recommendation?

Am I going to see a difference with the 15K-21K discrepancy between the HP21002C and the other 2 larger units?  What about the .9 - 1.1 value increase in COP?

As you mentioned the Jandy offers the cooling mode if needed.

Thank you,

Marcus Miller
Dear John:
Thank you for writing back to me. Some people in Texas, Arizona, Nevada etc like the cooling feature. Some people who use the pool for training also like that option. Other people get the Jandy TR heat and cool series not to cool the water but just because it will defrost itself. That is good if you will use it when it is under 50 or 55 degrees outside. I think that you live in AZ? Some places have better warranties than others. I would go with a big brand with a long warranty that is very reliable. For you size pool I would get as big a heater as I could. I have never received a call that someone was sorry that they bought too big of a heater. With an air conditioner in your home if you get oversize the A/C then it cycles on and off too much and in humid climates it causes the house to be cold and clammy. In a pool you can't go wrong as the heater might run 3 hours instead of 4 hours. The Hayward has a 1 year labor warranty, 5 year parts, the Rheem has a 2 year parts and labor, and the Jandy has a 5 year parts and labor, They are all top rate companies. The Rheem is non digital in a metal cabinet the Hayward and the Jandy are digital heaters in plastic housings. Some people want a simple heater and others want a digital heater to see the display with the water temperature. Hayward, Rheem and Jandy have all been around for over 50 years. I like that. They all use scroll compressors. As for COP. Anything in the 5 or 6 range in the heat pump world is considered good. The main thing is that you are saving so much over gas or oil. I hope that helps.

Marcus Miller
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