I'm looking for a heat pump to support a radiant floor (hydronic) system in a residential application. I live in Washington and would like to fit a heat pump in line with an existing oil boiler to add efficiency. What does everyone think? h
How about one of these Rhemm units? I've been told (by heating specialists) that 50,000 btu capacity would be good in this case. Looking  on this site because residential water heat pumps are limited for the layman installer to purchase.

Thanks, David

Marcus Miller
Dear David:

Thank you for writing. When you go with a water to water system. You need a well or a lake to get the supply water to remove the heat out of. Then I like http://www.fhp-mfg.com for that type of system. If you are going to air to water. Then I have heard that some people use pool heat pumps for that. I can't give the OK for that. You have to get the engineers approval from the factory for that as if you don't it might void the warranty or it could potentially be dangerous. An air to water swimming pool heat pump won't get you through a Washington winter. You will need your boiler back up when it gets really cold. Just run whatever you want to do by an engineer. Most don't mind to chat, and they respect a person who is trying to do something out of the box.
Marcus Miller
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