Louis Schneider

I recently bought a home in North Cyprus and would like to use a heat pump for pool as well as central heating. It seems to me that I can now order the Heat Siphon SX5.0HP or SX3.25HP
directly in Cyprus. Is this correct? What is the designed outlet temperature? Can it be adjusted? I have a Siemens LI7M at home which I use for central heating in winter and for a jacuzzi in summer. It delivers 55 degree (centigrade) warm water which is good enough for central heating although we have a cooler climax than Cyprus. Do I need a heat exchanger between the external heat pump water flow and the pool cool water flow or is the pool water flow directly connected to the heat pump?

Regards, Louis

Marcus Miller
Dear Louis:
Thank you for writing to me. I hope that you and your family are well. We send heat pump directly to Cypress. It takes a week or so. You will need a different voltage for your country. You need 220/ 240 volts, 50 HZ, single phase. We can make them for you. The maximum that the heat pump will heat up to is 40C to prevent injury. It is designed to raise the water slowly. So the outlet might be only 1/2 a degree warmer than the water going in. The pool water goes through the heat pump. They have been used to heat in floor heating systems but you need to get the OK from the manufacturer first as they have to warranty it and they will need to make sure you have the proper flow etc. Your home heating system might produce 55 degrees C water but we need to keep that away from the pool or spa as will turn your guests into lobsters, and as a good host that should be avoided.

Asa Strong
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