So….I'm getting ready to contract a pool in the Phoenix area, and have been searching for equipment recommendations. Your web site has been a wealth of information. I was wondering if you could provide a specific recommendation in my case. My project calls for a pretty standard size pool with a 8’ diameter spa. I’m looking for the silver for bullet of temperature control.

1.     1. Heat the pool to allow about a 9-month swim season.

2.     2. Heat the SPA year round without an unreasonable wait time.

Be         3. Be able to cool the pool in the middle of the summer if necessary

4.     4.  Allow control via a pool automation unit.

What product(s) do you recommend??



Marcus Miller
Dear Fred:
Thank you for writing to me. For AZ pools I like to oversize a bit as you get some cool nights. Since you want to cool the pool in the summer you need a heat pump that heaters and cools. Since you have a spa you might need a heat pump that runs in cold weather as some people like to jump in on cold nights. Not sure what size your pool is but most AZ pools are about 16 X 32 and about 19,000 gallons.
I would look at a heater over 100,000 BTU's that will heat and cool and defrost in cold weather so you can jump in the spa on a cold night. I don't like to recommend specific heaters on the forum as I plan to leave the forum up for years and things change with manufacturers like warranties, models etc and I don't want to go back and edit or censor forum information. I am trying to write timeless information. Please give us a call or e-mail me personally and I will always tell you my favorites from companies that are doing everything right.
Marcus Miller
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