Hello Markus,

I have a problem with my heat pump,when I stop the swimming pool pump the stay on running
The don't stop so cant you help me with this problem
Model.SG5HP50  220/240 Volt
Marcus Miller
Dear Mr. Goossens:
That would be usually be a problem with the water pressure switch. You might need to adjust it. If it worked before than an adjustment or a replacement of the switch will fix that. It will tell you in the owners manual how to do that.  If the heater is below the pool you might need to get a different way to tell the heater that the water is flowing. We have "flow switches " for that. Sometimes also ants get into the compressor relay and it fails closed and will keep the heater running regardless of wether the water is flowing or not. An electrician can repair that. We can send you the parts.
Marcus Miller
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