Ron Brierley

I am a new pool and heat pump owner.  I understand that as the ambient air gets cooler, the heat pump will have to work 'harder' to maintain or reach a certain temperature.  At this time of the year in the north,  nighttime temps will drop to 65-55 F.   Should I let the heat pump run all night to hold the 80-82 F I want, or should I shut it off and rely on my solar blanket, and try to regain that heat the next day?  My natural gas heater friends just leave theirs on from May to September because it kicks in as needed.  
I'm not sure on the most efficient way to run my heater.

Thank you.

Marcus Miller
Dear Ron: In cold weather states, (countries) I like to run the water pump timer 8 am to 8pm. Then the heater will run during the warmest part of the day and you will get the most heat for the money that you are spending on electricity. Having said that there will be times in the beginning of the season and the end of the season that you might have to run the heater longer to keep the pool up to temperature. Also some people get a break on their electric rates at night. If that is so and the temperature is above 45 degree F then I would run the heater at night as much as possible and in the day only if the pool is slipping in temperature.
Asa Strong
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