Ernest Shipley

Am wondering if someone has installed a heat pump for an indoor pool that is used all year round, in conjunction with a gas heater. I live in Vancouver , BC, Canada and want to find out what sort of energy savings it would bring.

Marcus Miller

Dear Mr. Shipley:
Thank you for writing. We have quite a few people who have heat pumps with gas back ups in the Northwest and Canada. One guy in Washington told me he was saving about $3800.00 a month. His letter and photos are about 9 people down on the page with the link below.  

If anyone else writes in I will post that too for you.
Did you found any info on indoor installation ? I click on the link provided and all (except one) are outdoors... the one indoor is a multiple installation which is quite different than what I am looking ofr... Any info would be appreciated.
Asa Strong
Indoor installation of a pool heat pump is not recommended.  The problem is the pool heat pump requires warm air to use for heating the pool.  In the process the pool heat pump expels air that is 10 degrees cooler than the room temperature.  Eventually the colder expelled air would over whelm a room and there would not be any warm air for the pool heat pump to use.  Now, if it is a big room and well heated, using a pool heat pump indoors becomes a possibility.  Or if you find a way to vent the expelled cold air, but that is an engineering problem.  Hope this helps.
Thanks for this informative answer Asa.
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