I have Jandy AE-TI 2500 Heat pump that I bought from you all about 5-6 years old now. I just turned it on for the start of the season a couple days ago. Ran for couple hours and was producing warm water. Then it shutdown, ie. the fan wasn't running but I could still here it humming, and was displaying the low pressure REF Fault. Sound like compressor was on but fan wasn't spinning.

I recycled power a few times. Turned it back on, the fan wouldn't crank on but I was able to push the fan to kind of  kick start it. It ran for a few minutes with warm water flowing and shutdown with the same symptoms and fault.

I notice that the coils were beginning to freeze/frost over as well. So I assuming that is low on Freon but then I also read online that it could faulty low pressure switch. I’m just trying to determine which to look at or try first. Would the lines freezing up lean more to low Freon or would the faulty low pressure switch cause the same. But I also questing whether or not it the fan motor.

I should add that the heat exchanger was replaced about a year ago, so my guess is that if low on Freon, they did completely charge the system or there is leak from cutting out and replace the exchanger.

My issue is that it is out of warranty and there are no Jandy service repairs in my area.


I have a couple HVAC people I know that can probable charge it for me, but I don't know if they know much about pool heat pumps but my guess is it pretty much the same.

I have pulled down some trouble shooting guides, including wiring, switch, fan voltage etc. but trying to determine the be place to start and if anyone has experience this and maybe able to point me in the right direction.


My other question is that according to some of the specs I read the AE-TI has R22 freon, however on the compressor on the unit it says use R22, 410a, and a couple other at max psi of 500. Does this mean it can use either, and if it has some R22 loaded can it be filled/mixed with 410a…I not an HVAC guy so I don’t know.

Marcus Miller
Dear Jeff:
I am sorry that you are having trouble. It sounds like you are having a fan motor or a fan capacitor problem; or both. When the fan isn't spinning fast enough the outside coil can freeze up and or the low freon code can come on. Also if it below 50 degrees you might see the same symptoms.  I doubt that it is a low pressure switch. Any licensed heating and cooling contractor should be able to fix a fan motor. It isn't rocket science. They will also be able to check the freon and see what is in the system by the pressures. Not sure on the markings on the compressor. Maybe it was made to accept either. Jandy didn't switch to 410A until a couple of years ago. Not sure what they did when they changed your heat exchanger. Maybe they converted the system? A service man will be able to tell as soon as he puts his gauges on the heat pump. I doubt too they didn't put the right amount of freon in as then the heater wouldn't have worked very well.  
Please let me know how you make out and what the problem was.
Best Regards,
I also am experiencing problems with my Jandy AE2500 heat pump.  My HVAC technician charged the unit to the required pressure levels.  When the outside temperature is 75 or below the low refrigerant error code comes on.  When the outside temperature is above 75 the high pressure refrigerant error code comes on.  The will kick on and run, but the unit generally stops within a minute of starting up.  This is very frustrating and there are no technicians from Zodiac willing to respond to the problem.
Please advise if there is anything we can do to fix this issue.
Thank you
Asa Strong

Sorry to hear you are having issues with your pool heat pump.  Not sure if your unit is still under warranty, but a good place to start is to call Jandy/Zodiac at 800-822-7933 and ask for Jack Zurich.  He has been very helpful in the past and will either answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

Best, Asa Strong
Don Willis
I have a Heyward heat pump model number HP21002 that is 8 years old.  Had a pump problem and had to replace pump motor.  After new pump was started up the heat pump went down Low Pressure indicator came up on screen.  .  Was working great before then.  Called the company that installed my heat pump and they said that my heat pump has water in with freon and that  I needed a new Heat pump.  Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do.

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