Dan Engebretson

I have a Rheem RMHP-115 pool heat pump that is leaking water out of the bottom of the unit. The HP is not currently being used, but water circulates through the unit anyway and leaks 1/4“-1/2” of water daily. I have identified the leak to a T-shaped hose that is connected to the water manifold in two places and drains water to the outside of the unit (see photo). I am guessing that this is some type of pressure-release mechanism and perhaps a valve is stuck open. I just can’t imagine that Rheem designed this to leak on purpose. Any thoughts?

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Marc Miller
Dear Mr. Engebretson:
Thank you for writing to me. It seems like that is a drain hose. I have seen them leak after water freezes in them in the winter and cracks the housing. If that is the case you can buy a kit to replace that PVC assembly.  All the parts should be available at a plumbing supply store or you can call our office and they will get you the factory replacement parts also.
In the event that your unit is still under warranty please contact the factory at 1 800 260 2758 for service.
Marcus Miller
1 800 741 9956
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