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Just remember that a pool heat pump will work as long as outside air temp is above 50 degrees.  Under 50 degrees it will turn itself off.  If you are a frequent user of your pool just set a desired water temp and let the pool heat pump do it's job.  Hope this helps.
Isi parker
Hi, I have learnt a lot through most of the posts you have answered.

I'm based in South Africa and we are currently just went into spring ... The nights reach a high of 6 to 8 degrees c... During the day we can get upto 28 degrees c..

My issue is that I'm just not getting the heat required and I have searched the net high and low to find someone in my situation.

I have an indoor pool measuring 14m X 8m (112sqm) . It's about 160k litres of water and a north facing building (sun rises from East and sets on west), with 10 solar panels on each side connected to two 1.1 kw filter pump.

I reached a maximum of 22 degrees c... but that was not enough as the water still has that chill in it.

I decided to purchase a pool heat pump out of haste ... I bought a 17 kw (58000 btu)heat pump.
My issue is I run the heat pump for 24 hours together with the solar panels and I have only gained 1 degree c and they said I should run it for 48 hours straight then I can change it...

I need to know if the heat pump will work to heat the pool?
Even if it takes longer but will it increase?
Asa J Strong

The pool heat pump you purchased, 58,000 BTU, is too small for your size pool.  You have 40,000 gallons of water.  I usually recommend pool heat pumps that produce 140,000 BTU's for that size pool.  Might as well turn off your smaller unit, you are losing more heat from the surface area of your pool than you are producing.

Best, Asa Strong
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