I had a new 130,000 btu Rome Heat and Cool heat pump installed in Phoenix earlier this year.  I have had limited time to run it to find out if it is working properly but I have a couple of questions.


It seems that you have to have your water pump running all the time in order for your heat pump to work.  Doesn't this defeat the purpose of the pump being energy efficient.  Perhpas there is some way for the heat pump to turn on the water pump when it senses that more heat is required to the pool?  if there is I am not aware of it.


Secondly when I did run the heat pump it did stop working and the display indicated that it may have been a problem with icing. I was of the understanding that the pump because it is a heat and cool model it would automatically defrost and keep on working.  Is this not the case? For your info the ambient temp was about 50 degrees.


Any help would be appreciated.

Marcus Miller
Dear Mr. Barnby:

Thank you for writing back. You are correct that the water pump will need to be running to allow the heat pump to come on as the heat pump senses water flow and will only turn on when the water is moving. You might use the water pump more when it is cold out and that will add a little to the electric usage but over the year that will even out and the savings over gas makes the extra water pump run time not meaningful. You will get a feel for how long you need to run the water pump timer after a while depending on the season. I don't really like the heat pump to have the ability to turn the water pump on as the heat pump cools off before the pool. The thermostat senses the water temperature in the water pipe in the heat pump. So the heat pump will be coming on and off maybe 20 times all night during the least efficient time to heat. When it is cold out below 50 degrees most heat pumps including yours will shut down. They start to ice up. That is why I like to run the water pump timer during daylight hours from 9 am to 9 pm when the temperature is warmer and use a blanket on the water on nights that are cold. You need to run the water pump at least enough to circulate all the water in the pool through the filter once a day. So depending on your pumps GPM and the amount of gallons in the pool the pump may run 4 to 12 hours or more to filter properly. Usually for most of the season the heat pump will just cycle on and off during the filter time. When it is cool that might not be enough though depending on the wind, pool temperature, etc.

Best Regards,
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